The cover of our book…

convenientpaperbackcoverDec10SmallersizeConvenient, mistress, whore (B.E.) Cant expression of standard meaning, favorable to one’s comfort.

The illustration of the man was taken from an antique medical book.

Malcolm Forrester a physician from Edinburgh, and Elspeth MacLeod, a healer from the Isle of Skye, were both educated in European universities, but only men are permitted to practice medicine in the Scotland of 1705.  The two collide in Torrport, a small town near Edinburgh,

Elspeth stubbornly seeking recognition as a physician, and Malcolm searching for a cure for smallpox amid the swirling vortex of war, politics, religion and disease.  Poverty and misadventure are ever-present, and medicine a curious blend of old beliefs and new discoveries.  Elspeth delivers a beautiful young woman of her bastard child and suspects she was poisoned. When the Laird’s Second-in-Command is found dead, kneeling face-down in a tub at the laundry, the two find themselves entangled in murder, smuggling, and espionage, amid powerful opposition that resists change.



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