Lady Julianne and the wee bairn

JulianneIn a scene from Chapter Eight: Lady Julianne holds the baby, born premature in Elspeth’s cottage.  Elspeth’s dog, Scathatch stands guard.

Julianne sat quietly before the fire staring at him.   He was still not moving much, but he was taking a bit more substance.  I had made him a honey tit and he seemed to enjoy the taste of it while not actually sucking on it.  The stroking of his belly had worked, and he was having regular bowel movements.  For the first time, I began to think he might live.   Julianne was a good mother, instantly alert to the wee bairn’s every movement.   They regarded each other solemnly with the same blue eyes, and the fuzz of black hair was beginning to curl around the tiny face.   Scathach guarded the bairn as fiercely as though he had been her own pup and was never far from him or Julianne.


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